Bill Gates Unveils Innovative Contraceptive Microchip

…And It Can (allegedly) Last For More Than 16 Years!

bill gates contraceptive micro-chip

Bill Gates, one of the world’s famous billionaires (although he can also supposedly be quite rude) has devised a contraceptive microchip which can be put right into the body. This has a lifetime of 16 years, which is really impressive.

Bill came up with this innovation when he visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) two years ago.Whilst there, he talked to the famous professor Robert Langer about thenotion of turning birth control on or off via a remote control. This could be more deisrable for women than visiting a clinic to get contraceptive implants put into their body.

Next, Langeramalgamated the Gate’s foundation with MicroCHIPS, a company situated in Massachusetts which had themmandate to employ controlled-release microchip technology. Since then, the partnership has had the remit of cultivating this technology for its impending release in 2018.

MIT elucidated that the implant needed to be encrypted toprotect wireless data flow andkeep it secure. The chip is 20mm x 20mm x 7mm andresiduals of the hormone arestored on a 1.5cm wide microchipencompassed bythe device.

The birth control microchip contained about 20 years worth of a hormone commonly used in contraceptives and could dispense 30mg daily,according to the MIT Technology Review. The implant releases a small electric charge that prises open an ultra-thin seal around the hormone. It can be inserted in the buttocks, upper arm or abdomen.

This is the sameguy whopoured money into a oral bait vaccine which sterilizes rats (see ‘Rodent Biocontrol and Crop production’ linkhere) and artificially vaccinated mosquitoes. These was not particularly ethical and it is unlikely that the consent of all patients was obtained.

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