Are Apple and Android Screens Causing People To Lose Sleep?

computer screens sleep loss

Most people today have some type of tablet or smartphone device that has become an important part of their lives. People constantly use their iPhone and Android device to talk to friends, interact on social media, watch funny vines and to check email. However, people can take this behavior too far.

If you own a tablet and smartphone device you can go overboard with using these forms of technology and it could interfere with your sleep pattern.

Every person alive has an internal clock that helps them to go to sleep at night and to wake up in the morning. This internal clock is known as a circadian rhythm and it is a very important part of your sleep hygiene. Your circadian rhythm helps you to develop a sleep routine which is based off of light.

Once a person’s eyes senses light a signal is sent to their brain.

This signal informs you when it is time to get up. Your circadian rhythm also produces a hormone called melatonin which tells the body when to get some sleep.

Both of these processes play a very important part of your synchronized sleep cycle.

When you use a mobile device after you are ready to go to sleep, you create a condition known as sleep deprivation. The artificial light from a mobile device interferes with your melatonin production.


The light that is emitted from mobile devices is interpreted as blue light by the body.

The human body usually associates blue light with the morning. This light is then sent to our brain as a signal that it is time to get up. Red light is often interpreted with sleep. When this particular type of night light is absorbed into the body it will interact with a protein called melanopsin.

Once this happens a signal will then be sent to the brain to let you know it is time to get some rest.

When a person continues to play with their mobile device after they are tired will disrupt their sleeping rhythm by absorbing blue light from their mobile devices. People who allow their mobile devices to disrupt their sleeping patterns will experience some unwanted side effects.

Side effects which result from sleep deprivation include poor sleep quality, fatigue, sleepiness, poor social interaction and decreased motor and cognitive performance. It is important for you to get enough sleep because your body needs a chance to repair itself, to slow your heart and to relieve stress.

You should definitely put your electronic devices away at night so that your body can become refreshed and renewed for a new day.

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