8 Ways Your Life Is Better Without Social Media

This Is What Happens When You STOP Social Networking…

stop twitter and facebook better life

Many people imagine that life ends when you give up social networking sites. Social networking sites, for example, Twitter, Facebook and others, take up so much time, and it is all too easy to believe that they are important. Life does not end when you give up social networking sites, far from it, life actually improves for the better without social networks.

How life improves when you give up social networking sites:

1) You concentrate on your own life rather than on other people’s:

When you are not constantly looking at other people’s lives and achievements, you can concentrate on your own and take pleasure in your own achievements rather than constantly worrying about keeping up with others.

2) You Interact with the Real World more:

When you do not have to keep checking your mobile telephone to see what is going on in the digital world you actually have to talk to people in the real world. When you actually converse with people, you learn far more than you do from the inconsequential fluff that people put on social networking sites. You also make real friends rather than acquaintances.

3) You no longer have to worry whether people are re-tweeting your tweets or ‘liking’ your Facebook page.

4) You do not have to interact with people you do not like:
Just because you went to school with people, it does not mean that you have anything at all in common with them now. Indeed you may have grown into such different people, that you do not actually like the person that they have now become.

5) You cannot be cyber stalked.

6) You need no longer be irritated by those who insist on telling the most banal or private details of their day on social networking sites.

Really would you stand outside the Town Hall and announce to all and sundry some of the things that people say on social networking sites.

7) You will get more done at work:

Looking at your social networking feed takes up more time than you think it does. When you stop doing it you will get so much more done both at work and in other areas of your life.

8) You will actually have a life

When you no longer allow social networking sites to rule your life, you might have a life. One in which you actually are thinking about something more than who has posted some stupid mundane update. You will have the time to actually talk to and listen to others. You might actually live life actively rather than waiting passively for life to come to you via a social networking site.

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